MeraInternship 2016: Implementing The Ideas

  • "Commonly mispronounced words in English"
    "5 ways to achieve Work-Life balance"
    "5 things to do before your Job Interview - Career Advice"
    "7 tips to improve your communication skills"
    "Unemployed? Find a job by doing these 5 things. "
    "8 basic skills to get you job "
    "Vaishali Mathpal, Delhi Technological University - MeraInternship, 2016"
    "Sheen Darbari & Rupan Dhiman, Delhi Technological University - MeraInternship, 2016"
    "Kartik Chhabra, Department of Management Science, Pune University - MeraInternship, 2016"
    "Arpit Aggarwal, UPES, Dehradun - MeraInternship, 2016"
    "Abhishek Verma, Delhi Technological University - MeraIntership 2016"
    "Top 10 Underrated Colleges Of Delhi University"
    "Challenges Of Recruitment- A Case Study"
    "MeraInternship 2016: A journey to remember"
    "MeraInternship 2016: Built the company brick by brick"
    "MeraInternship 2016: Open Culture Of The Company"
    "MeraInternship 2016: How Business Works"
    "MeraInternship 2016: Inclusive Culture "
    "MeraInternship 2016: Modification Of Ideas "
    "Pallav Sinha, CEO & Founder, MeraJob India on Transforming Mass Hiring in India"
    "Amit Avasthi, Associate Director HR, HCL Technologies on Emerging Recruitment Trends"
    "Anand Pillai at MeraJob on Emerging Recruitment Trends - Part 1"
    "Priyank Parakh, Head of HR, Baxalta at MeraJob on Emerging Recruitment Trends"
    "Common Pronunciation Mistakes in English - by MeraJob"
    "Common Mistakes while speaking English - by "
    "Speaking the Body Language Correctly - by "
    "Speaking the Body Language - Self Improvement"
    "12 Simple steps for email responses"
    "5 Verbal mistakes you should never make by MeraJob India "
    "20 Daily Habits That Will Make You Better"
    "Pallav Sinha (MeraJob India) 'Speed & Agility' in Large vs Small companies"
    "Pallav Sinha (MeraJob India) on Talent Acquisition Challenges "
    "Pallav Sinha (MeraJob India) on Workforce Analytics"
    "Mera Job Experience - Yuvraj Srivastava | Chief Peoples' Officer |"
    "Mera Job India will help you find your Dream Job"
    "Dr. Aparajitha Ramadyani | Head of HR | Jakson Group"
    "MeraJob India | Testimonial | HDFC - Pranay Kapur Regional HR Manager"
    "Tell me about yourself | Interview Workshop | Conducted by MeraJob India & LIQVID"
    "MeraJob Experience - Vikrant Sharma | Hired for HDFC Bank"
    "MeraJob Experience - Vipin Arora | Hired for HDFC Bank"
    "Rejection Stories of the World's 9 Most Successful People"
    " - India's first job matching portal"
    "Getting your dream job is quick & easy with MeraJob India"

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“The best part is the culture is very open. If you have a nice idea and you approach someone they actually consider your idea…”

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Tanisha Parul – IMT Ghaziabad
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